Manus-Bond 50-A Acoustical & Vapor Barrier

Manus-Bond 50-A is a high solids, non-drying, self-healing synthetic rubber based sealant for reducing sound and vapor transmission around windows, doors, wall panels, insulated metal panel and partition systems. Used as a lap joint and perimeter sealant for polyethylene vapor barriers over fiber glass batt or other insulations. Provides excellent adhesion to ZINCALUME®, KYNAR500®, stainless steel, polyvinylidene fluoride, Galvalume®, Galvalume® Plus, aluminum, concrete, gypsum, wood surfaces, foam boards, plastic and fiberglass. 50-A is non-drying, non-bleeding formula which remains flexible to form a long lasting resilient and acoustical seal. This non-webbing formulation exhibits excellent tackiness for permanent bonding. 50-A contains an anti-microbial agent which inhibits the growth of mildew and bacteria. Passes AAMA 800 flexibility cold testing of -100ºF. USDA accepted.

Technical Data

Specific Gravity
Flash Point
> 212°F
VOC Content
Low-Temp Flexibility
No adhesion loss
Weight Loss
1 million cps
heat aging cracking
Stain & color change
Service Temperature
-100F to 180F



White, Gray, and Black. Other colors available upon request.


10.1 and 28 fl.oz. cartridges. 10 and 20 fl.oz. sausage packs. 1, 5, & 55 gallon containers.

Surface Preparation

Apply to clean, dry surlaces free of contaminants that can adversely affect adhesion. Remove all old sealant before applying 73-A.


Potential applications include; sealing base track to slab, polyethylene vapor barrier sheet overlaps, insulated panel top caps and panel joints. Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust or other foreign matter. Keep 50-A from sight line when painting is necessary. Some applications may not be compatible with this product. Testing suitability for intended application before proceeding with full application is recommended.

Storage Life

For maximum shelf-life, store unopened product at or below 80ºF. 12 months minimum in unopened containers.


CAUTION: COMBUSTIBLE LIQUID & VAPOR. Contains mineral spirits. Keep away from heat and flame. Avoid skin contact. Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid breathing vapor. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not take internally. See MSDS for additional information. Keep out of reach of children.

Technical Service

Manus technical representatives are always available to provide assistance. Please contact our Technical Service Department with your questions or requests for specific applications.

Limited Warranty

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