Manus-Bond 65-C

Manus-Bond 65-C is a one component neoprene sealer which demonstrates excellent adhesion, weather resistance and sealing properties to concrete, mortar, aluminum, wood and many plastics. Will dry quickly to form a tough durable seal and retain its flexibility for years.

Technical Data

Cure Rate
24-48 hours
8.75 lbs;
Viscosity (cps)
9,500 - 13,000 cps
Elongation (%)
Hardness Shore A



Gray, white, black. Other colors available upon request.


1, 5, & 55 gallon containers.

Surface Preparation

Apply to clean, dry surfaces free of contaminants that can adversely affect adhesion. Remove all old sealant before applying 65-C.


Cured 65-C may be painted with most industrial & consumer paints. Laboratory or field testing is recommended.

Storage Life

Six months in unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 80°F.


CAUTION: COMBUSTIBLE LIQUID AND VAPOR, CONTAINS AROMATIC HYDROCARBON. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Avoid breathing vapor or mist. Avoid contact with skin & clothing. Do not swallow. Use with adequate ventilation. Keep container closed. Refer to MSDS for additional information. Not for internal consumption. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Technical Service

Manus technical representatives are always available to provide assistance. Please contact our Technical Service Department with your questions or requests for specific applications.